Simplifying B2B

Dealing with suppliers and other businesses has never been easier. Use our chat system to talk to each other, co-ordinate transactions and take care of all the admin.

Happy business person

Find suppliers easily

Finding good suppliers that offer the products you want can be a time-consuming task. Searching suppliers out, finding the products you need, and negotiating deals can be a lot of work.

Our platform provides you with hassle-free tools to find the best products for your customers.

With a range of suppliers that you can connect with, you can choose the products you want to sell and then simply add the products to your Qbicles shop. We have made the process as easy as possible. Our chat-based system allows you to interact with the suppliers, ask questions and discuss prices all in one place.

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Sell to other businesses

If you are a B2B supplier, other businesses can find you easily on Qbicles.

  • Create a distributor catalogue so that retailers can add your items to their retail catalogue and make you their primary supplier.

    This simplifies the B2B process down to a few clicks and you can use our chat facility to easily connect and chat to your customers.

  • Businesses can find you easily, connect and simply make a deal via the Qbicles chat interface.

Happy business person
Happy business person

Removing the stress from accounting & admin

Sending and reconciling invoices takes a lot of work.

Dealing with lots of suppliers can become time-consuming and confusing. Who has been paid? What is the status of each transaction?

Qbicles B2B is a simpler way to manage transactions with suppliers so that they are fast, efficient and transparent.

Reconciliation headaches are a thing of the past.

  • No more reconciling inventory between purchases from suppliers and your customer sales.

  • No need to have reconciliation meetings with suppliers to decide which invoices are outstanding or paid.

Everything is connected, transparent and designed to save you time and money.