Online presence

You can set-up your Qbicles commerce presence quickly and start trading on the platform in no time. Then we’ll help you find new customers via our social tools and Moniback site.

Startup Page

No website? No problem.

Showcase the best of your brand with a Qbicles Page, a fully customizable web page that can be built in minutes. Add galleries, testimonials, promotions and more to your page to establish a strong presence online and drive traffic to your brand.

Screenshot of the Qbicles page builder with an example of a page being built

Generate leads

Generate new leads for your business by posting in Highlights or creating deals on Moniback

  • Highlights is our feature for telling all the Qbicles users any exciting company updates or products you want them to know about. We offer targeted posting in Highlights too, and it can replace or complement traditional email marketing for generating and converting leads.

  • MoniBack is our engaging social loyalty and promotions platform that helps to attract new customers to your business. Offer exclusive or limited-time deals to really entice those new customers in. The best news is, that if you're a Qbicles subscriber, adding offers to MoniBack is free.

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