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Everything you need to sell online and run your business day-to day. Qbicles offers an entire suite of commerce features so you can set up quickly and start trading straight away. Helping you create a successful business from the beginning.

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Chat with your customers

Answer pre-purchase questions from potential buyers and make deals. Build relationships with your customers online – use the extensive chat facility to offer that 1-to-1, friendly experience that normally only happens in-person.

Catalogue management

Qbicles makes it easy to add your products and services to your catalogue, so you can start advertising and selling straight away. Either add items yourself, or simply copy them over from the Qbicles suppliers you work with.

Quick setup

Set up your ecommerce profile in under 30 minutes. You’ll also get a Qbicles social profile included so you can tell platform visitors about your products, services and offers the moment you add them.

Point of Sale

Serve customers face-to-face, ring up orders and take payments. The Qbicles Point of Sale runs offline, so you can still trade when your internet goes down – and everything with synchronize once you’re back online.

Multiple sales channels

Sell in-store or online, with our ecommerce and point of sale features. So no matter where customers are they can shop with you.

Any audience

Whether you serve businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C) - or both, Qbicles can cater for your business. Our flexible system can be set up and used effortlessly no matter who your audience is.

Order management

Never miss an order, or forget to ship it. Keep track of all your orders in one place. Collaborate with your team; delegate preparation/picking and packing; monitor the time taken for the orders and much more.

Delivery management

Keep staff and customers in the loop. It's easy to assign orders to third-party logistic providers and keep track of a packages progress. Update customers, so they know when to expect their goods.

Inventory management

Having an up to date stock list helps you manage your inventory. You'll be able to ovid selling stock you don’t have, and can see when popular products are running out. Our system also monitors your flow of stock to detect inventory fraud issues for you.

Mobile app (Qbicles Micro)

With the Qbicles app, customers can easily shop no matter where they are. Whether watching TV or on-the-go, customers will have a great mobile experience that encourages them to shop more.

Business analytics and reports

All of your business data in one place, helping you to monitor your business performance, spot opportunities, and combat issues the moment they arise.

Loyalty and promotions

Keep customers coming back by showcasing your latest promotions and offers. Reward them even further with loyalty points that can be redeemed against future purchases – to ensure you get those repeat customers that just love to shop with you.

Driver and route management

Plan the most efficient routes for your delivery drivers, saving time and keeping costs down. Schedule drivers and orders, so you always know when a delivery is due to go out and with which driver.

Think differently about eCommerce

Turn leads or enquiries quickly into sales.

Our unique social and chat-based sales system allows you to connect with the customer instantly.

This system helps you to generate leads and quickly convert those leads to sales - all while chatting with the customer. It's business at the speed of chat.

Sell to anyone, anywhere: Sell in-store, online, socially. Sell your products or services to clients around the world.

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